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Slim Line Tanks
Above ground tanks
Below ground tanks
both above and below can be connected to your laundry, w/c and watering system

Ceiling and wall upgrades available

Led energy saving lighting
Compact fluorescent lighting

Double Glazed windows

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Sustainable Green Living
A great design from the beginning is a great
start, so why not think about including

Passive Solar Heating
Passive Cooling
Thermal mass

  • High Density Materials
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Low reflectivity
  • Good envelope design

Upgrade to an energy rating of 6 or 7 star house
by adding extra features to your home.

Fitting & Fixtures
Manual switch ON/OFF fans
5A taps to all kitchen and bathrooms.
4A dual flush toilets
3A Shower heads
Ventilated fridge space
Solar electricity input
Solar hot water


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